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Hypertension, Diabetes and Kidney Disease

If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, you need to know that these conditions are the two top leading causes of  kidney disease. Kidney disease is the eighth leading cause of death in the US. And a scary fact is that two out if five people who end up on permanent kidney dialysis don’t… [Read the Rest]

Fish Oil Helps Chronic Heart Failure (CHF)

We have written about the benefits of fish oil in reducing triglycerides in the past and now a study looking at whether fish oil helps chronic heart failure was recently published in the journal Heart. The study was an analysis of data taken from 7 trials that had a total of 825 participants. The study… [Read the Rest]

High Cholesterol and Children

Heart disease doesn’t just happen overnight. There is an increasing problem with high cholesterol and children, along with very convincing evidence that heart disease begins in childhood. The buildup of fatty plaque in your arteries may have started when you were a child and is progressing slowly as you age. This is known as the… [Read the Rest]

Better Diabetes Management with Pumps Plus Monitor

If you are a diabetic who needs insulin shots, new research findings show you may have better diabetes management using an insulin pump plus continuous blood sugar sensors. This is compared to using the finger-stick testing and insulin shots. Diabetics using continuous blood sugar monitors to track their glucose levels automatically had better blood sugar… [Read the Rest]

How Often Should I Have My Triglycerides Checked?

Knowing how often you should have your triglycerides checked is an important step in monitoring your overall health and wellness. Checking your triglycerides, cholesterol and blood sugar routinely can help to catch problems early on. It is also a great way to see if you are on track with your diet and exercise program. Fortunately,… [Read the Rest]

Health Effect Of Years Of High Triglycerides

You can have high triglycerides for a long time and not even know it. That is because there may be no symptoms with high triglycerides. People can have triglyceride levels of  1000 mg/dl and have no clue that this is happening. Just for a reference point, optimal triglycerides are below 100 mg/dl after fasting. What… [Read the Rest]

Obesity Plus Diabetes Equals Diabesity

Diabesity® is the medical term for a modern disease caused by lifestyle and diet. Diabesity® refers to diabetes caused by obesity. Few have heard of this condition but it has been around for years. In 1998, UCLA started a Diabesity® Research Program: To further increase awareness of the connection between obesity and diabetes, the UCLA… [Read the Rest]

Lower Triglycerides Naturally With High Fiber Foods

Triglycerides are very responsive to diet changes. And, with the right changes to your diet, you can see a drop in your triglyceride levels in just a few days. One of the best thing you can add to your diet to lower your triglycerides naturally is fiber-rich foods. Despite what you may read or see… [Read the Rest]

Prevent Disease With Antioxidant Rich Foods

Evidence for the health benefits of antioxidant rich foods is overwhelming. One of its primary benefits is in disease prevention, which is excellent news if you want to avoid future heart disease and diabetes. On the high triglycerides diet antioxidant-rich foods should take center stage. In this article required look more closely at just what… [Read the Rest]

FTC & Earnings Disclaimer

Compensation Disclosure When it comes to buying products or services when using the internet, it is recommended that you should always conduct your own investigations. This includes buying any products or services sold from this website and all other websites. Material Connection Unless we have stated otherwise, you should always assume that when products or… [Read the Rest]