Just been diagnosed with high triglycerides? You’ve come to the right site! Here you will learn all about triglycerides, what they are, what they do, and how to manage them.

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And, best of all, it will be written in plain English- not ‘doctor-speak’, so you can understand it all. However, you will also learn the right medical terminology so, as you work with your doctor in managing your triglyceride level, you will be able to speak and understand the doctor’s “language”.

In addition to all the information you will find here, there may be links to other websites, books and  products I have found that may be helpful to you as you work to lower your high triglyceride level.

For the best of health, it is really important to take charge of your own health care. The fact that you are here shows that you are looking for more information, perhaps more than you learned at your doctor’s office.

If you’ve been diagnosed with high triglycerides, you may be researching to decide what course of action you should take to lower your triglyceride level. You are taking charge of your own health care, looking at any alternatives you may have to reduce your triglyceride level to a heart-healthy level.

This website is designed to give you all the available information you may need to make a health care decision. None of this is my opinion. All of this is fact and based on the latest research I could find.

I am not a doctor and I am not going to tell you what to do. I am a registered nurse and I can’t tell you what to do. I am simply going to give you as much information as I can and perhaps direct you to other reliable sources for more facts.

I started this site because high triglyceride levels run in my family. I have several brothers who have been diagnosed with it. I am at risk for it.  As I researched treatment and prevention, I decided to share what I learned with others. What better way than through the internet?

As I developed the site, I learned a lot more about triglycerides, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol and metabolic syndrome than I ever knew- even though I am a nurse.  Then, it happened to me…

I developed metabolic syndrome. In January, 2012 (yes- just recently), I began to have chest pain and became lightheaded. At first, I tried to ignore it but it was an nagging discomfort that just wouldn’t go away. My blood pressure was 134/74. That is higher than it should be and in the prehypertension range. METABOLIC SYNDROME CONDTION #1.

I am obese, weighing more than 20# over my ideal weight with a weight measurement of 43+ inches. Anything over 35″ for women and 40″ for men is considered excessive abdominal fat. METABOLIC SYNDROME CONDITION #2.

One of the first tests I had done was the cholesterol screen. Here are the results along with the (reference range):

  • Glucose  97 mg/dl    (70-100 mg/dl)
  • Cholesterol 196 mg/dl  (< 200 mg/dl)
  • Triglycerides 100   (<150 mg/dl)
  • HDL  60 mg/dl    (>40 mg/dl) 
  • LDL Calculated  116 mg/dl   (< 100 mg/dl) Metabolic Syndrome Condition #3

While the lab test should an elevation in my LDL only, I know from the research I have done for this site that my glucose should be around 70 fasting. I fasted for about 14 hours before this test was done, so I consider my results too high.

My cholesterol used to be less than 140 non-fasting, so I have had a definite increase there, especially considering I was fasting for this test.

My triglycerides at 100 mg/dl fasting are high. I really would like to see that less than 100 mg.dl.

Finally, though my HDL is ok at 60 mg/dl, I know I can increase that to a healthier level with my diet and lifestyle changes.

The results confirmed what I had suspected- I have metabolic syndrome. And the beginning of heart disease, which I intend to reverse with a radical change in my diet and lifestyle.

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