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Type 1 Diabetes Possibly Linked To Toxins and Viruses

MINI-EPIDEMICS of type 1 diabetes appear to be occurring among Australian children every five years, a landmark study that points to an environmental cause of the autoimmune disease shows. The study found that type 1 diabetes, a condition that occurs ….

Insulin Resistance and White Blood Cells

Normally, white blood cells, or, as they are known in the scientific world, neutrophils, work in your favor when it comes to fighting bacteria and infections. However, as recent research from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine discovered, these same white blood cells may play a role in causing insulin resistance. Insulin… [Read the Rest]

Obesity Plus Diabetes Equals Diabesity

Diabesity® is the medical term for a modern disease caused by lifestyle and diet. Diabesity® refers to diabetes caused by obesity. Few have heard of this condition but it has been around for years. In 1998, UCLA started a Diabesity® Research Program: To further increase awareness of the connection between obesity and diabetes, the UCLA… [Read the Rest]

Omega 3 Foods For High Triglycerides

Omega 3 foods are recommended to be included in the triglycerides diet for anyone dealing with the problem of high triglycerides. Triglycerides basically come from two sources. The first one is our body’s natural ability to produce them as they are essential components of our body and they are the most common type of fat… [Read the Rest]