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Does The DASH Diet Lower Triglycerides?

DASH diet

The Dash diet is eating plan with a well-established reputation for lowering high blood pressure. A study done in 2001, and supported by the National Institutes of Health, found that the Dash diet was also effective in significantly lowering cholesterol levels. But does the Dash diet lower triglycerides? In this same study, known as the… [Read the Rest]

Best Meal Ideas for High Triglycerides

If you are following a high triglycerides diet, you may be looking for some suggestions on what to eat, in addition to the best meal ideas. Though not a cookbook, this article should get you started on the right track with what foods to avoid, what foods to eat and a sample menu. Triglycerides are… [Read the Rest]

Natural Treatment of High Triglycerides

Lowering triglycerides naturally  involves diet and lifestyle changes that will not only result in a healthier triglyceride level, but in a healthier you overall. The same steps that you take to naturally reduce high triglycerides will work to reduce your risk of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. So, there are really multiple benefits to changing… [Read the Rest]