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Health Effect Of Years Of High Triglycerides

long term effects of high triglycerides death

You can have high triglycerides for a long time and not even know it. That is because there may be no symptoms with high triglycerides. People can have triglyceride levels of  1000 mg/dl and have no clue that this is happening. Just for a reference point, optimal triglycerides are below 100 mg/dl after fasting. What… [Read the Rest]

Fat And Triglycerides

Fat: To Eat Or Not To Eat When you are following the triglycerides diet, you will find a lot of controversy as to whether to eat less fat or eat less concentrated carbs to lower your triglycerides level to an optimal range. Let’s talk about fat and triglycerides. Eat fat? Don’t eat fat? Eat only… [Read the Rest]

Triglycerides- You Need Them, Just Not Too Much!

Just like cholesterol, you need to have triglycerides. And, just like cholesterol, there are health dangers when you have above the normal triglyceride level. Let’s look at why you need triglycerides and why you should not have too many. To your body, triglycerides are energy. Your body needs energy to do everything, from walking and… [Read the Rest]

Understanding Triglycerides

When you ask most people “What are triglycerides?”, you may be met with a blank look. And that is perfectly understandable with all the hullabaloo about cholesterol.  Few people realize that if they had their cholesterol checked, their triglyceride level was checked, too, since both are “blood lipids”. But, once diagnosed with high triglycerides, you… [Read the Rest]

What are Triglycerides?

With all of the news about cholesterol, it is no wonder that many people wonder just what are triglycerides. It is a good question because triglycerides and cholesterol are two different, yet related, things. Treating a problem with one does not necessarily correct a problem with the other. Triglycerides are a kind of fat, or lipid,… [Read the Rest]