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High Cholesterol and Children

high cholesterol in children

Heart disease doesn’t just happen overnight. There is an increasing problem with high cholesterol and children, along with very convincing evidence that heart disease begins in childhood. The buildup of fatty plaque in your arteries may have started when you were a child and is progressing slowly as you age. This is known as the… [Read the Rest]

Lowering High Triglycerides In Kids

Lowering High Triglycerides in Children

The unfortunate thing about our modern day lifestyle is that we are now faced with the task of lowering high triglycerides in kids. Not only are more than 30% of Americans struggling with high triglycerides, also known as hypertriglyceridemia, but so are children. The number of children who have this problem is unknown because lipid… [Read the Rest]

Cholesterol Checks Should Start in Childhood

If you are a parent concerned about the health of your child, you may have wondered when your child should start having her cholesterol checked. Unfortunately, research is revealing that cardiovascular diseases have their start in childhood. These findings have resulted in new guidelines for cholesterol checking… New Guidelines Urge Cholesterol Check for All Kids… [Read the Rest]

High Triglycerides in Children

Children with high triglyceride levels need to lower triglyceride levels to reduce the development of possible future diseases.  High triglycerides can be an early warning sign for possible heart disease. Even though medications are widely used to treat high triglycerides in children, there are still cases that the high levels can be lowered through lifestyle… [Read the Rest]

Triglyceride Levels, What is Normal, Readers Ask

Mary asks… What are the normal levels for triglycerides,cholesterol, ldl, vldl, hdl ? At what levels it is advisable to take medicine ? What are the side effects of medicine ? Can these be controlled naturally by exercise or by changing food habits ? Sheila answers: According to the WebHealthCentre, the normal levels are: Triglycerides… [Read the Rest]