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Your Questions About High Triglycerides and Foods to Help Lower Them…

High triglycerides are on the rise in America. Fortunately, unless you have high triglycerides due to heredity, you can do a lot to reduce your triglycerides to a healthy and safe level when you make some changes to your diet and improve your lifestyle to include increasin exercise and reducing stress. Read more about this… [Read the Rest]

Your Questions About Lower Triglycerides

Lowering your triglyceride level to the optimal level of less than 100 mg/dl is the best thing you can do for your overall health. On this page, readers ask for specifics on how to get their triglyceride levels to a lower and safer level…. Lisa asks… I went to the cardiologist today and lost 22… [Read the Rest]

Your Questions About Lower Triglycerides Fish Oil

Sharon asks… Do Fish Oil capsules help lower cholesterol ? Does taking fish oil help lower cholesterol and triglycerides ? Sheila answers: Filling in to answer this question is Lisa Nelson, R.D. Hi Sharon, Yes, increasing your intake of omega 3 fatty acids (such as through fish oil) is one step towards lowering cholesterol and… [Read the Rest]

Your Questions About What Are Triglycerides Used For

Here is Readers’ Q & A about the basics of triglycerides and some concern about triglyceride levels. Often time you may have the same questions so it may be helpful to read what others are concerned about.